Book Report: The Accidental Creative

Firstly, a few quick items of Catherine News! 

If you haven’t done so already, please download my soundtrack to the short film All Things Hidden. It is available on iTunesAmazon and most places digital music is sold – only $3.99.  All Things Hidden explores the journey a young woman makes to confront her tragic past of domestic violence and free herself from its emotional vice. It is a story of hope, healing and metamorphosis. You can watch the music video of the finale track here.

For Your Consideration in the 56th GRAMMY Awards:
Thank you, Recording Academy Voters for considering For Those Who Have Walked Ahead for best Classical Composition. Have a listen to it here:

Also an article I wrote has been published by the fantastic Film Courage website. Feel free to share and tweet. Directors: 12 Tips for a Successful Score.

A Must Read!

The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry has taken up much of my reading time for the last few weeks. If you are a creative person then I highly recommend this book. It is not about how to be creative. Rather, it addresses how to be consistently creative instead of relying to mood to strike you and then tearing your hair out as you approach the last-minute deadline. As Henry says “You need to create space for your creative process to thrive rather than expect it to operate in the cracks of your frenetic schedule.” I could relate to the “frenetic schedule” bit all too well. It was a little disturbing.

Henry talks about how creatives are often two of the following: Prolific, Brilliant or Healthy. To be all three, all the time, takes work, and he provides you with the practical tools to help make that happen. “Structure…is the undergirding platform that gives you enough stability to feel free taking risks. It gives you a sense of mastery over your process.”

He also addresses killers to the creative process like comparison, lack of focus and staying in your comfort zone. The thing is, this book doesn’t just address these hang ups that we are all too familiar with. It goes the extra step by providing tools to overcome obstacles, create process and improve your ability to be consistently creative. “Remember that creativity craves structure.” This book will help you understand what that structure could be and show you how to put it in place.

I feel like this isn’t something you read just once. In addition to the wealth of information in the book, he points you to a lot of online resources which I have yet to take advantage of. There is so much there! This isn’t something I am going to master overnight, but already it has created an awareness for me of multiple issues I do struggle with, and ways to start overcoming them. As a composer I do have to be creative on demand, every working day. The last thing I want to do is burn out and lose the ability and the passion to keep going. I know that if I pay attention to the many aspects of structuring the creative process discussed in this book, I am going to prevent that from happening.

Read the book, creative people, and let me know your favorite part or one tool that really worked well for you. I would love to hear your thoughts! Another great Todd Henry book that just came out is Die Empty. I have read the first couple of chapters (that you can download for free) and I am looking forward to finishing it!

I’ll finish this book report with a quote from Kristian Anderson:

“It’s important to realize that you will be known for what you do, so you’d better get busy doing what you want to be known for.”


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