Something About Catherine

Catherine Grealish is an LA-based composer for film, media and live performance who has experience in a wide range of musical genres. A multi-instrumentalist, she is a  classical & jazz singer, and plays violin, piano, and guitar.

Catherine recently won theIndependent Music Vox Pop Award for her soundtrack for the film All Things Hidden. Catherine’s music has been featured in award-winning films, including the short Pearl which won Best Short at the Mexico International Film Festival and Madrid International Film Festival.

She has also scored many other independent films including Gold Balls, The Basement, The Last Buck Hunt, Citizen Heroes and Speaking of Dying, along with the popular web series Capitol Hill. Catherine composed the OST for video game The Hole Story and is currently scoring another video game: Alicorn Pricess Blast.

She completed her Bachelor of Music at Cornish College of the Arts with a focus on Jazz composition and performance. Catherine then graduated with a Master of Music from Boston University. She also studied at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring program.

Catherine was born in Tasmania, Australia.  She moved to the United States in 1998 to pursue a career in music.

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One thought on “Something About Catherine

  1. Catherine, congratulations…
    I loved your insight…… always knowing what you were supposed to do but discovering it along the way of life. Yuu are a great role model for us all especially my daughter who is growing up in a world that she sees as limitless in possibilities for women. She admires you. Thank you!

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